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Sale! Coby Haus parklon Play Mat

Parklon - PVC Green Soft Mat

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Parklon - PVC Green Soft Mat 

size : 125 x 185 x 1.2cm

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CobyHaus Parklon Kids Play Mat
The Coby Haus' Parklon Kids Play Mat is a new and revolutionary concept with worldwide patent rights. Uniquely designed for babies and toddlers from 3 months on, they can lie down, play and eat on the safety of the mat, and enjoy it for many years.
The whole family can also enjoy the soft and versatile space for many applications, as this mat can also help reduce excessive noise in the home.
Coby Haus' Parklon Kids Playmat created with strict quality control system for safe and clean use has been complete with high frequency finishing to ensure safety of children.
The diamond shape embossing treatment on the surface prevent slipping and getting dirty.
It has been since playroom mat become one of the essential items for childbirth and childcare. The cushion layer of 1cm or more in thickness prevent safety-related accidents possible to occurs as your child grows up in your house.
The following is safety-related accident frequently occurring in your homes:
- Injury to face and knee as your child tips over while crawling about
- Brain damage and other injuries caused while toddling
Coby Haus' Parklon Kids Playmat:
- Outstanding cushioning to reduce the impact by falling
- Various design and sizes
- Double square embossing and special coating for easy cleaning
- European Safety Standards
- Malaysian Safety Standards
- No harmful chemical substances
- No formaldehyde and any heavy metals found
- Double sided design
- Variety of colors and characters stimulate baby's brain in developing 
  optical and emotional health
New stock in a even larger size of 1900mm x 1300mm!
Available Options:
- Hello Bear School
-Winnie The Pooh
- Mickey Mouse