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Combi - Cocoro Baby Convertible Car Seat

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Combi Malaysia Cocoro Baby Car Seat

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  • Purple
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  • Brown

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Colorful & Compact Design.
Blossom colors with comfortable dacco cushion makes sweet and happy journey.
Ultra shock absorbent Egg Shock (EG Only)
Egg Shock materials are used to absorb all kinds of vibrations and shocks when car is in motion.
Optimum position "dacco" cushion
The "dacco" cushion can effectively minmize the body
Ultra light weight and compact design
Compact design means you can comfortably fit two coccoro car seats even in a compact vehicle. Ultra light weight at 4.4kg means it can be easily handled by mothers.
Easy to install
Either forward facing mode or backward facing mode. It is also easy to install.
Lower seat design
The car seat is only 9.6cm leaving maximum height clearance when seating and unseating the child.
5 different macaroon colors for selection
No more dull colors, You can choose from 5 different of macaroon.
"Magic belt" allows convenient seating and unseating (EG only)
Special magnetic design allows the seat belt remain unbuckled state for easy seating and unseating of the child
Cocoro EG (Egg Shock) available in Red Rooster RM 1499
Cocoro S available in Brown Presso and Purple Mystic RM1299